She is Looking

The pain in your eyebrows, but the innocence
Between your open eyelids, wide open hope
And kind questioning, invitations of friendliness
To everybody, for everyone.
Your open eyelids, because your eyes themselves…
Who can understand your eyes themselves when they speak?
But who, upon hearing them speak, can turn from them
Or refuse them, or not love them, or feel it in them, that pull?
Your open eyelids, because your eyes themselves,
Balls of wet light, that reach out, so dark and so bright,
That say, ‘You may hurt me, I am only looking
For kindness in you, for kindness in you, hello,’
Your eyes, your eyes, your open eyelids
Because your eyes themselves… invisible, invisible,
Only balls of wet light, only eyelids that pull apart
To pour forth a dark light of weakened kindness.
You are part of that great soul that did not come to the earth
In the beginning, but remained behind, until one day, looking down
You saw what had happened, and so you joined us.
You are part of that one loving soul that did not want
To come down to earth in the beginning, but we made you,
We made you, because you love us, and we love you:
I love you.
Published in The Reader
(Oxford University Poetry Magazine, 1998)